“You’re too young”

Am I?

Too young to get hurt?

To have my heart broken?

To feel so alone?



Don’t question a person’s hesitation out of love,

they’ve probably been hurt

by hearing lies and used to broken promises.

If what you say doesn’t seem to matter,

it’s most likely because they’re hearing

nothing but “BULLSH*T” and “ANOTHER LIE”.


I once met a girl

who was deeply in love,

with a boy she’s known

her entire life.

She asked me questions

she asked for advice,

I pat her in the shoulder

and simply smiled down.

Told her to follow

her dearest heart,

but stay in tune

with her clever brain!

It was the best

I could have said,

from a girl like myself

who’s never been in love.


Midnight vows

voices below,

it all seems to echo

where ever I go.

I can’t hear a thing

and the world goes on mute,

I have no power

not even control.

All these emotions

rushing through my veins,

my blood pumps pure sorrow

coming from my soul.

When will it fade?

When will it end?

To curtail all sorts of grovel,

and humility as I go.

Midnight Calling

I myself wonder sometimes…

Why do I lie awake at one am staring blankly at the ceiling,

Why I watch every shadow of each passing car from the blinds of my window.

Surely I’m not the only one who feels as if the darkness brings comfort as it stays wrapped around me.

And the fact that every night I become more and more numb of the thought

“they understand”.

I’m not this way though, it really does occur only late around the same time every night.

It’s as if midnight calls my name to stay awake and wait another hour

until all my thoughts and emotions gets all jumbled up.

Where at one am I would start crying and ask questions by whispering them in midair

then at eight am I feel pathetic for even having such thoughts…

It happens to all of us though, we get some sort of calling, a reminder

that we are actually capable of feeling everything but at the same time become numb.

I guess it’s just a natural thing for us all,

to remind us that we’re alive and we all have the right to feel pain.


I’ve been stepped on.

Pushed down. Called names.

But I didn’t let anything or anyone  

keep me from reaching my goals in life,

and dreams that I long so lived for.

Instead I use the negativism being thrown my way

as an inspiration by turning it into 

something positive and worth my precious time.