The Last Scene

She’s reminiscing,

going through flashbacks;

Searching for the right scene

that already passed her by.

More likely the last part,

it wasn’t really good bye

but it was the moment 

when betrayal began;

And another promise made 

was broken into pieces.

Vanishes in midair

before she realized it,

unable to grasp it all 

within her very palm…..

Right before her eyes.



Grandma had a boyfriend.

He was half her age. Younger. To me, they were an odd couple.

We weren’t rich, didn’t have much except each other;

but sometimes that’s not enough.

What about money? What about the rent? What about the water?

What about the electricity? What about school uniforms?

What about food? Are we even going to have a meal today?

What if this happened? What if that happened?

Questions racing inside my head.

Inside a seven year old little girl’s mind.

With him around we were somehow able to avoid these questions.

He has money. He has a job.

But it’s not a very decent or respectable one.

He sold drugs. Marijuana.

He offered me once, twice, so many times I lost count.

Not once have I had any of the stuff he sold in my system.

I’ve seen the process, how they made it, how they used it.

I hated him. For trying to manipulate me

as a foolish child. I was however convinced that the day will come

when I no longer have to live with an addict and pusher.