One of Us

Are you one of us?

A broken home.

Where’s mom? Where’s dad?

People are talking. Spreading rumors,

I’ve heard so many…

Mostly fantasized, the kind where

imagination was involved.

Wanna know what’s the least popular?

The truth.

He’s lying. She’s lying.

How the hell is this shit supposed to make any sense,

if those who were at fault continues to point fingers.

Where’s the justice in that?



Don’t question a person’s hesitation out of love,

they’ve probably been hurt

by hearing lies and used to broken promises.

If what you say doesn’t seem to matter,

it’s most likely because they’re hearing

nothing but “BULLSH*T” and “ANOTHER LIE”.

A Daughter’s Defiance

My mother and I don’t really get along.

She claims that it’s my pride taking over, making a complicated situation even more serious than it already is.

She’d tell me I’m selfish, that I don’t really care about anyone but myself.

Not a single damn given to anybody.


Yes. That’s what she calls me all the time.

She goes around spreading rumors, acting as if she’s being victimized by being forced to live with such an ungrateful child.


I get it, I’m the bad guy….

But there’s always two sides of the story.

There is always a detail that gets left unmentioned, just to get the right amount of attention.

You want to hear my part of the story? My side?

Well, here it is.

Pride. Yes, I do have pride, and that is to defend my dignity because it’s the only thing I have left.

Selfish. No, I am not selfish, I’m only looking out for myself. Something that my own mother was incapable of doing due to the love she has to her precious husband. My stepfather. I have to love myself, because if I don’t then who will? I can’t expect anything from her, from someone who can’t even tell me “I love you” coming from the heart.

Ungrateful? No. I made a choice to stop pretending that everything is okay. I made a choice that it’s okay to not be okay, and I would rather cry in front of an audience than to force a smile that makes me want to to punch myself in the gut.

As for the rumors, the lies, the uncompleted side of her story…

Well, she just can’t accept the fact that her own daughter defies her wish to impress the world by living a lie.

Ironic Friendship

Don’t look me in the eye

and call me a great friend,

when all you do behind my back

is talk nonsense and makeup lies.

Don’t look me in the eye

and deny that you’re lying,

when you know I can see through

that thick wall you’ve built.

Don’t look me in the eye

and tell me deep dark secrets,

knowing I’m the last one to know

simply makes you look pathetic.


You’re as clear as glass

and the nastiest maneuvering mess.

You have different personalities

and about thirty masks.

You guide others through the dungeon

with nothing to see,

Your heart’s darker than ebony

just like your selfless soul.

I called you a friend,

but now you’re my foe.

I was blinded not by your kindness,

but with the mask that you wore.