Once was the girl nobody knew,

didn’t seem to matter

to anyone at all.

My best friend were razors

or anything sharp in sight.

Constantly sitting in darkness

as I watch very close

for the silhouette of lose blood.

A tear escaped my eye,

then another.

Wanted to stop more than anything,

asking myself “why”.

Because I knew in my heart

that I deserved better.

To be happy

and discourage be-befriending

anything that can cut.

Pushed myself hard,

once wasn’t enough.

I just had to try…..

Now I’m clean for the past year

and couldn’t be any better!



It’s irrelevant to think for one second

that those who are currently helping you,

won’t ask for anything in return.

Sometime soon, or maybe someday,

they will eventually claim what you owe

out of the thing that you called “kindness”.

A little help can’t kill you,

but are you willing to pay the price

they have in store for you?